I am Joao Aguirre

Innovation Strategist, Ph.D.

I am a dynamic, enterprising person, with leadership skills, with experience in group knowledge, cheerful, creative, responsible, supportive, cooperative, safe, respectful, punctual, with capabilities for experimental activity with excellent oral and written expression, with wishes for to learn.

I have professional experience that strengthens competitive and personal qualities, with exceptional abilities to make fast, reliable and timely decisions, with the ability to adapt to economic, social, cultural and scientific changes.


I have more than 15 years of experience in research, formulation, management and evaluation of projects in areas of innovation management, digital transformation, technology management, R&D management, online marketing, innovation capabilities, big data, intelligence competitive, organisational strategy and management, business intelligence. My knowledge and capacity in the application of methodologies such as strategic planning, strategic and technological foresight, comparative evaluation, entrepreneurship, surveillance and technical intelligence, integration in production chains, management of information systems and creation of online businesses.


In recent years I have permanently carried out high-level consultancies in corporations on issues of strategic planning, innovation and competitiveness, and develops advisory, training and teaching activities at prestigious universities in Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Malta and Spain.

Joao Conferencia


PhD in Engineering; Ph.D.


AQF Doctoral degree with Major in computing and systems.

Deepening: Innovation and Technological Management

Master in Administrative Engineering M.Sc.


Master degree with Major in computing and systems

ICT Business Analyst – Validate Australia - Australian Computer Society Inc.

Deepening: Innovation Capabilities - Prospective

Control engineering


Bachelor degree with Major in computing and systems.

ICT Business Analyst – Validate Australia - Australian Computer Society Inc.

Deepening: Technology Watch - Automation

Diploma in Intellectual Property


Diploma of Interpreting Spanish-English



Innovation 97%
Strategy 90%
Technology 65%
Research 70%
Teaching 90%
Coaching 70%
Consulting 80%


January 2019 - Present


ICT Business Analyst – Validate Australia - Australian Computer Society Inc.

Innovation Strategist

Founder of Uinnovation, it is a platform for specialised education, strategy and innovation, business intelligence and technological transformation, based on the exchange of knowledge, where courses, tools and resources with high added value are promoted for entrepreneurs and innovation consultants.

January 2015 - Present


Senior Management Executive

Developed projects on innovation, strategy and business growth, the main characteristics are the evaluation and diagnosis of organizations, I have experience in strategic planning studies to generate value for the company. Also, I was responsible for signing contracts, identifying clients and offering personalized solutions with a high value for the client. He developed international projects with significant impact in countries such as Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile and Ecuador.

April 2012 – January 2015.

ITM Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano

I carried out activities as coordinator and creator of the Innovation Management laboratory of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, leader of the seedbed in Strategic Intelligence. Support for the creation and coordinator of the Master in Technological Management, Cooperation and Regional Development offered by the ITM. Member of the Colciencias research group, active member and leader of the line in Technological Innovation Management.

September 2010 – April 2012

CIDET (Centro de investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico del Sector Eléctrico Colombiano)

Professional Researcher, coordinator of research projects, leader of various co-financing projects, Project Management, Training and Technology Transfer, Coordinator of the Technological Strategic Intelligence unit, performing tasks of Technological Surveillance, Competitive Intelligence and Prospective for the electrical sector, Researcher main project to strengthen the R & D & i capacities of the Colombian electricity sector framed in the Productive Transformation Plan of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in addition to the articulation of innovation management and project portfolio for Interconexion Eléctrica ISA.


I am passionate about knowledge, innovation and strategy. I have worked as a consultant, teacher, researcher, project leader and business manager; obtaining successful, impact and high added value results.


Among my areas of most significant knowledge are administration, project management (PMP-PMI, Agile, Princ2, LEAN), marketing, technological advances, industrial automation, robotics, home automation and imotics (automation of real estate), technological management, innovation. , modeling, organizational capacities, with interest in knowing the economic, social, financial conditions, information systems and the commercialization of goods and services of the country and the world.

I have skills for planning, directing, managing, coordinating and analyzing the financial and human resources area of ​​economic systems, production planning, control and evaluation of an organization, with an analytical mindset, excellent mathematical reasoning.

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